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  • We still celebrate Beethoven!

    `Wohltun wo man kann, Freiheit über alles lieben, Wahrheit nie verleugnen.´ ...mehr Infos
  • Wolfgang Amadé
    A little Mozart-Revue

    For the Ladystrings Mozart's compositions are the essence of pure beauty, perfect harmony. Maybe they are the most often performed, best loved music of the world. ...mehr Infos
  • Ladystrings
    boundlessly classical

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Welcome to "The Ladies"

The Ladystrings' performances are marked by the idea of "staged concerts":

classical repertoire is contrasted by different elements, from present-day music to Crossover, and it is always tied together by a unique story.

Since 2009 the four musicians of Ladystrings: Charlotte Balle, Lisa Barry, Dorothea Galler and Maria Friedrich are giving concerts all over Germany and world-wide - "Ladystrings boundlessly classical".


She plays the first violin and is a creative bundle of energy, bubbling with ideas. Her best inspiration she gets from doing sports and working in the garden.She laughs, practices and reads a lot and loves to discover new music, as well as to rediscover old music afresh. At the Ladies she is responsible for finding and managing our sheet music and for our web-correspondence.


She supports the first violin in the quartet and is equally fond of the lower voices ..., she loves the middle voice.
She fancies Mendelssohn and also enjoys silence, particularly likes cycling and relaxing with yoga, has a green thumb and bakes her own bread.


She came (2009), saw (the costumes) and stayed to play with the Ladies. Her wry sense of humour and her appropriately rendered stories and citations from the glittering cosmos of music theatre bring life into each of the quartet's rehearsals. She loves to travel and to eat well and she adores dancing. She takes care of our finances, and, ever since her debut with the „Ladies“, is in charge of the acquisition of Prosecco.


In the quartet she performs seated between Charlotte and Doro, and- as if her own size wasn't sufficient- often elevated on a platform. Besides her unique Bavarian sense of humour she adds a basic solidity to our work, taking care of scales and questions of intonation. Her sense of culinary pleasures is very refined, she enjoys friendly company as well as peace and quiet, always remaining true to the title- acquired already in school- of „first in the art of living it up“.